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    ppl be talkin about the new 3d/live action spongebob movie but all i can think is


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  3. I do not like the 1989 Batman film that much, honestly I don’t really like any of the batman movies. Or atleast I don’t think they represent the Batman character all that well for the most part. For instance he never does any detective work in these movies. Sometimes he’ll type bullshit into a bat computer or something, that’s about it. Detective Comics, That’s why they’re DC. The best way I’ve ever heard batman described was by Neil Adams who called him “Sherlock Holmes plus the greatest athlete on earth” or something to that effect anyway. You just never seem him actually THINKING mostly just punching dudes. And punching dudes is great and all but what makes batman batman is his beautiful brain. 

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  8. Guardians of the Galaxy was incredibly good. 


  9. I know superheros are really popular and stuff right now, but do we really need them in everything? The new spongebob movie looks like it becomes the avengers by the third act. 


  10. Guardians of the Galaxy tonight woooooooooo!!